Visiting the Birthplace of Hijiori Kokeshi

Strongly distinctive combination of designs
Hijiori KokeshiThe Hijiori design was developed in the Hijiori Hot Spring resort in Okura-mura, Yamagata Prefecture. From ancient times, this resort has thrived as a hot spring cure spa under the faithful influence of "Dewa Sanzan (three mountains in the Dewa area)".
The Togatta design was combined with the Naruko design to produce the distinctive Hijiori Kokeshi. This design presently has the least number of the artisans.
However, Shoichi, a third generation artisan, is creating ambitious pieces in Sendai.
His inspiration comes from the master craftsman, Shusuke Sato, who was from Togatta and said to be the originator of Hijiori Kokeshi, and the second generation Minosuke.


  • Sendai Dento Kokeshi Manufactures' Association
    Otake Shinden-shita 30, Imozawa, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi,
    TEL: +81-22-394-3005