Visiting the Birthplace of Sakunami Kokeshi
A rock bath on a river bed reflects the 200 year history
SakunamiSakunami Hot Spring which is called the back room of Sendai, is a hot spring nestled in a gorge along the Sekiyama Road. One legend has it that it was founded by a priest, Gyoki, on his pilgrimage to various parts of Japan and another is that Minamoto Yoritomo (the founder of the Kamakura Shogunate) saw a hawk taking a bath when he went on an expedition to Hiraizumi and found this spa. Now, there are 4 inns along the national road, and 3 inns on the Hirosegawa River. All of these inns are modern. Visitors can feel the breath of four seasons more that the bustle of a hot spring resort. From the open-air baths gushing in the riverbed you can also enjoy the tranquil atmosphere listening to the gurgling Hirosegawa River.

Sakunami Kokeshi inspired by the town
Sakunami KokeshiSakunami Kokeshi have a relatively short history, and is considered that they were first produced in the early Meiji era. The Kokeshi features a background that promotes an urban area, Sendai, while other Kokeshi dolls in the Tohoku region are inspired by mountain villages, mainly hot spring resorts. Sakunami Hot Spring and Imozawa in Miyagi Prefecture, and Yamagata-shi in Yamagata Prefecture are the chief producers of Sakunami Kokeshi.


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